Looking for an individual course, far from the usual crowded language schools? Would you like your teachers to be supportive friends during your discovery of Italian language and culture? 

Come and follow a course that’s tailor-made for you while staying in the beautiful green village of Appiano Gentile, not far from Como (16 km).

We are experienced teachers of Italian for Foreigners, specialized in adults.

We offer individual lessons, tailor-made for you in a welcoming environment, where  you can also have overnight accommodation with private facilities.




1. INTENSIVE COURSE if you’re specially interested in improving your language knowledge with the help of qualified teachers:

Mo-Fri, 20 lessons/week in the morning, with coffee breaks,  cookery classes and shopping: : for students who wish to learn  Italian but prefer to organise their meals and sightseeing trips on their own!

Cultural trips, shopping in outlets (fabrics, shoes and bags), traditional food and cuisine of Lombardy (coffee, cheese, desserts), good wines from Lake Como area available!


 2. WEEK END COURSE if you don’t have much time but you anyway wish to taste this corner of Lombardy:

Fri-Mo, language lessons and Italian culture with us— so many experiences in a few days!

Piera Molino


  1. Please send me details.

    • Dear Linda:
      So sorry for answering you only now but… your inquiry didn’t appear before! We send you infos by mail as t once!
      Piera and Silvia

  2. Piera is a great teacher who has helped my husband and I to vastly improve our Italian when working and living here in Italy . The lessons are really tailored to our needs and there is lots of material provided to keep practicing and revising in between lessons. Thanks Piera!

    • Thanks a lot for your words, Madeline! Yes, lessons are really planned on the students needs, thanks for appreciating it!

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